На продажу €30,000
КОД SUN17484
Жилая земля
Участок: 335m²

Residential land for sale in Stroumbi

A residential land for sale in Stroumpi village, the ladn ia suitable for the development of a family or holiday house. All utility services are attached on the land.

Stroumbi, like most villages of Cyprus, consists of 2 parts. Pano Stroumbi (Upper Stroumbi), which is an ancient settlement, the construction of which may apply to the Middle Ages. For guests who are interested in history, it will be interesting to admire the traditional houses and the ruins of two old wineries, destroyed by the earthquake in 1953, and the corn mill. The new part of the village – Kato Stroumbi (Lower Stroumbi) – was built by the local residents after the earthquake. Here you will find  more modern buildings and roads, adorned with fruit trees, already much wider than in the old part. Right at the entrance of the new part of the village you will find a police station and a fire station. Going on, you will find yourself in the central square, where the church of the Holy Spirit is located. Before the earthquake, the village also had the church of Saint George, located in the old part of Stroumbi. When it was destroyed, the construction of the new church started, which was completed in 1956. For lovers of ancient icons it must be noted that in the Holy Ghost Church (Church of Holy Spirit), an icon dated in the XV century, is stored. In the south of the village there is an ancient fountain, which has been providing drinking water to local inhabitants since ancient times. It has recently been renovated and now again pleases its guests and locals with fresh clean water.

Sunseakers Real Estates are fully registered and licensed with the Cyprus Real Estate Association. Having more than 35 years’ experience we can assure you of a professional and personal assistance through buying, selling or renting a property making sure to guiding you for a safer and better real estate investment.

We take pride in the smooth running and personal contact from beginning to the end of each transaction made, always with your interest in mind. We are the people you can rely on for our honesty and integrity through winning team work.

Our mission is to offer you the highest level of service through a fully trained, experienced, educated and ethical personnel. We are here to assist with professionalism following your individual requirements.

Investment Opportunity
Plus VAT
Аэропорт: 30 минут на машине
Бары/Рестораны рядом 
Гольф: 15 минут на машине 
Гольф: 30 минут на машине
Город: 5 минут на машине
Доступ к воде
Доступ к телефонной линии 
Жилая зона
Пляж: 30 минут на машине
Примыкает к главной дороге 
Тихое место
Электричество доступно
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