Property Running Costs

Property Running Costs

Municipality Charges
Municipality charges each household must pay for waste removal around €50 to €200 per year depending on the area.

Communal Expenses
Communal expenses are introduced in most of the complexes for maintenance of communal areas such as lifts, pools and gardens. Depending on the development, communal fees vary between €30 to €100 per month. 

The standing charge for a landline is approximately €16 per month and there is a modest connection charge. Actual call charges are very reasonable. New companies have recently entered the market, bringing lower charges for both telephone and internet.

There is a standing charge per quarter of €12 – €13, depending on the area, plus consumption costs on a sliding scale as follows:

Average water cost in Cyprus runs to about €180 – €220 per year.


Average Electricity cost in Cyprus runs to about €700 – €1500 per year

*subject to changes by the water and electricity authorities.

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